Apotheclypse is a card game about making and surviving deadly potions.  Players take turns adding an ingredient to a community potion.  Once every player has added their ingredient, they must fill their personal cauldron with the group potion, add a final ingredient, and drink the resulting concoction.  

These potions are very dangerous, and will likely harm you and your fellow potion brewers.  Luckily, you've developed a certain set of tolerances for these potions.  Just try to make sure the potion you end up drinking won't hurt you too much!  If you take too much damage, you will be eliminated from the game.  The last person standing is the winner!


Drag and drop ingredient cards onto the appropriate potions.


Potions have four different attributes: taste, color, charge, and element.

Taste is determined by the last ingredient in the potion.  You will have a taste you like and one you don't.  If you drink a potion with the taste you like, you will be shielded from 1 damage.  If you don't like the taste, you will take 1 damage.  Other flavors will not affect you.

Color is determined by the colors of the ingredients added.  Color accumulates, but can be erased with a white ingredient.  You will take no damage from a white potion or a potion that has the color you like in it.  If it lacks your favorite color, you will take 1 damage.  If the potion has turned black, you will take 2 damage!

Charge is accumulated through each ingredient.  If you match your charge with the potion, you become shielded from 1 damage.  If you are within 1 charge, you will take no damage.  If you are 2 or 3 charges off, you take 1 damage.  If the charge is off by 4 or more, you will take 2 damage.

Element is determined by the element with the most aspects.  If no one element is dominant, the potion will be neutral.  Neutral or matching potions do not harm you, but if its an element you don't like, you will take 1 damage.


This game is intended to serve as a functional prototype of a tabletop card game I am currently developing.  I will be iterating over its design, adding and removing features, and tweaking many of the cards and rules.  If you enjoy playing this game, or have any comments or feedback, please share!  

StatusIn development
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Made withUnity
Tagsmaking, potion
Average sessionA few minutes

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